What you can expect when you reach out to us

What to Expect

While there are different approaches to therapy, and the process will be a unique reflection of your needs, most therapy begins in a similar way. Here is what you can expect when beginning therapy with Alexandria Place Therapy:

Initial contact or consultation

If you are interested in therapy, and wondering if we are the right fit for your needs, we welcome you to reach out to us by phone (703-963-4261) or email (info@alexandriaplacetherapy.com). Our intake coordinator will connect with you to hear more about your needs and what you are looking for, to share more about Alexandria Place Therapy and our wonderful team of therapists, and to answer any questions you might have.

Connecting with a therapist

Once we learn more about your needs, goals, and preferences, we will connect you directly with a therapist on our team that we feel is the best fit for your unique needs. You are welcome to learn more about our team by reading our therapists’ bios. If there is a particular therapist who stands out to you, we invite you to share that with our intake coordinator.

If for some reason we don’t find the right match for you or if our therapists don’t have any immediate availability, our intake coordinator will help connect you to other wonderful and skilled providers and resources in the community.

Initial intake session

At Alexandria Place Therapy, therapy begins with an intake session. The purpose of this session is to hear in more detail your reasons for starting therapy, the larger context of the struggles and difficulties you or your child are experiencing, and goals you and/or your child have for treatment. This time gives us the opportunity to answer any questions you might have, to review paperwork and to make sure we have all the information we need to get started. Intake sessions are also the first opportunity for connection with your individual therapist and to ensure that the relationship feels like the right fit.

For younger children, we typically use this first session to meet with and hear from the caregivers and then move forward with an appointment for the child.

Ongoing therapy

After the first few sessions, you and your therapist will likely have a better sense of your current challenges and goals and can develop a clear plan forward together.

The length of time someone is in therapy is variable and is guided and informed by the needs of the client. For some people, short-term therapy or counseling may be beneficial, such as after experiencing a loss or when encountering a particular challenge. For others, therapy may be a lifelong journey with some breaks or shifts in between. And for many, therapy may fall somewhere between the two.

Checking in

Therapy is a collaborative process. At Alexandria Place Therapy, we empower you to make choices and guide the process. Your therapist may check in with you about your work together, progress, preferences, and plans forward. We encourage you to share your experience, ask questions, and share concerns with your therapist at any point in the process. It is important for you to feel comfortable, supported, and seen by your therapist.
Welcome to Alexandria Place Therapy!

We offer therapeutic services in Alexandria, Virginia. Our clinicians have spent their careers working with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, and adjustment difficulties. We bring expertise and experience to our work and aim to offer help in vulnerable times to all our patients by tailoring treatment to their unique needs.

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