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I am a Resident in Psychology in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Duke University, where I also minored in Biology and received my certification in Elementary Education. Following graduation, I taught elementary school for three years. I decided to return to graduate school to pursue my Ph.D. in Psychology after noting the effects of my students’ mental health on their abilities to access the school curriculum. I received my Master’s of School Psychology degree from East Carolina University, and will shortly receive my Ph.D. in Health Psychology with an emphasis in Pediatric School Psychology from East Carolina University as well.

I work with children, parents, teenagers, families, and adults to help promote overall wellness. That can look very different from client to client. In some cases, we may be working on parenting skills to help improve communication and functioning within a family unit, other times I may be helping a client analyze their thought patterns and identify “thinking traps” that may be exacerbating their anxiety or depression. I am a strong believer in the importance of a warm, nurturing relationship between therapist and client, and strive to empower my clients to meet their self-selected goals by teaching them skills and offering support. I am also a proponent of “whole person” wellness and will often collaborate with medical providers and the school system while treating clients (with client consent).


I am a Resident in Psychology at Alexandria Place Therapy under the supervision of Dr. Megan Fiore, PsyD, RPT-S.

Alexandria Place Therapy - Christine Gonzales

Christine Gonzales, MA

Resident in Psychology
Pronouns: She/Her


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