At Alexandria Place Therapy, our goal is to create a safe, accessible space for all of our clients and the community. Alexandria Place Therapy provides teletherapy as an option for all of our clients. We use HIPAA-approved telehealth platforms to provide therapeutic services that are equal to the experience our clients have come to trust and value.

Our team continues to work hard to adapt our practice and best support our clients via telehealth. We have found great success in fostering connection and offering help in this new world we find ourselves in.

How teletherapy can help

Times of uncertainty can trigger feelings of fear, sadness, and anxiety. With the need to navigate the logistics of life in a time of uncertainty comes the mental and emotional challenges of coping with new and unforeseen circumstances. Therapeutic support can help address these uncharted emotions, develop practical stress management techniques, and instill coping skills that promote resilience both in the present and in the future.

Why us?

Our staff is uniquely qualified as relational therapists, focusing our energies on sincere and genuine connection even in the new world of telehealth. In addition, our clinicians get creative about engaging ways to connect via virtual play therapy sessions with our child clients, as well as focusing on connection and support in virtual sessions with adults.

The Alexandria Place Therapy team is making great efforts to engage in education and training to enhance our skills in teletherapy, sharing any and all resources with one another as we navigate this new world together. We are actively engaged in multiple professional communities to ensure we are keeping abreast of best practices, new techniques and technologies, and collaborating with other experts to learn dynamic new approaches to our work on this platform.

We feel confident that we can continue to offer exceptional care to our clients.

Welcome to Alexandria Place Therapy!

We offer therapeutic services in Alexandria, Virginia. Our clinicians have spent their careers working with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, and adjustment difficulties. We bring expertise and experience to our work and aim to offer help in vulnerable times to all our patients by tailoring treatment to their unique needs.

Working Hours
Monday to Friday 8 am - 8 pm
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